Technouser Weekly Earnings: March 9 – 19, 2016

I earned Php 25.70 from consuming Php 775 worth of Prepaid Load. How about you? Are you saving money?

I have earned Php 25.70 from selling Php 775 worth of various prepaid load. If I alone spent Php 775 on prepaid load for my personal use, I would still earn back 25.70 or so as a VMobile Technouser. Since I am also a Technopreneur, I also earned an additional 1% of Php 775, which is Php 7.75.

So in 10 days, how much did I earn all in all?

Php 33.45 from consuming Php 775.

My question is, does your prepaid network give you savings? Mine does!


  • What is a Technouser? A retailer or load seller empowered by VMobile LoadXtreme.
  • What is a Technopreneur? A dealer and also a retailer with more earning opportunities than of a technouser.
  • What is Guaranteed Retail Override or GRO? GRO is what a Technopreneur earns from ALL transactions at a rate of 1%.

See account snippets below. Names are blurred out for privacy purposes.


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