How to do a “Request Reload” confirmation and Online Bank Transfer Load Wallet Replenishment


How to do a “Request Reload” confirmation within your account after an online bank transfer load wallet replenishment, it’s easier than you think.

Being based overseas, I manage my retailer business through the Internet. I typically reload my load wallet using online bank transfer, specifically BPI. However, you can use any bank you want. Just follow a specific format whenever you do a “Request Reload.” See images below:

  1. Log in to your account, and click on “Request Reload” located under Transaction Tools.


2. Follow the format below and you’re good to go!

Amount: (amount you deposited)
Bank, Branch and/or OFT Ref#: BPI Online Fund Transfer 12345678901234567890123
Date and Time: (mm-dd-yy hh:mm am/pm format)
Cellphone: (your cellphone #)
E-mail: (your e-mail address)

I use BPI, that’s why it’s BPI Online Fund Transfer. If your bank is Banco de Oro, use BDO Online Fund Transfer, so on and so forth. DO NOT FORGET the confirmation number/reference number that your bank gave you by the time you made an online bank transfer. In my case, my confirmation is 23 digits long, yours might be different, INCLUDE THEM ALL.
Request Reload LoadXtreme Account

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding this tutorial. I have asked LoadXtreme Customer Service and confirmed that this is indeed the correct format for online bank transfers and online reload requests (alternative to LX Reload Notification thru text message).

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